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This site is dedicated to the genealogy research of the Soren Ole Sorenson and Wesley Cunningham Robey families, their collateral ancestors and descendants. Researching the following surnames: Robey, Sorenson, Ferguson, Hug, Fricker, Baum, Bird, Fenn, Cummings, Rolfe, Cunningham, and many more.

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Soren Ole Sorenson and Lena Hug Lena Hug (1903-1981)
Soren Ole Sorenson (1888-1948)

Lena migrated from Trimbach, Switzerland to America with her mother, Elizabeth Fricker Hug, in 1905 at the age of eleven months. She and her mother were joining her father, Emil Alfred Hug, in Havelock, Nebraska where he had set up homestead prior to sending for his family. The family eventually migrated to Montana to work on the Huntley Project.

Soren was born in Malling, Ning Herred, Denmark. He migrated to the United States in June 1911 aboard the Mauretania sailing out of Liverpool, England. He was 23 years old and heading for Dillon, Montana to work for a Danish friend, Carl C Hansen.

Wesley Cunningham Robey and Myrtle Melinda Ferguson Wesley Cunningham Robey (1895-1976)
Myrtle Melinda Ferguson (1895-1975)

Both Wesley and Myrtle were born in the Provo, Utah area. Their ancestors came to the Salt Lake area in the mid 1800's with the Mormon church, coming from places as far away as Scotland, England, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Tennessee. Each family had very diverse backgrounds but shared one common thread, the teachings of the Mormon church.

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