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Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA


Tree: clanSoren
Notes: Nephi is a city in Juab County, Utah, United States. The population was 4,733 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Juab CountyGR6. It was settled by Mormon pioneers in 1851, and is the principal city in Juab Valley, an agricultural area. Nephi was named after one or more of the people of the same name mentioned in the Book of Mormon.
Latitude: 39.709303, Longitude: -111.831449


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Mary Hannah  25 Mar 1868Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I6063 clanSoren 
2 Betts, Erma  22 Mar 1932Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I7913 clanSoren 
3 Betts, Joseph Lynn  11 Mar 1935Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I7914 clanSoren 
4 Ellis, Anna Rosalea  11 Dec 1888Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I644 clanSoren 
5 Evans, Sarah  18 Feb 1902Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I7594 clanSoren 
6 Golden, Alzada  4 Mar 1913Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I7912 clanSoren 
7 Park, Boyd Loris  21 Aug 1929Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I5752 clanSoren 
8 Park, Joyce  8 Feb 1931Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I5753 clanSoren 
9 Park, Loris Edward  28 Mar 1903Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I5751 clanSoren 
10 Stout, Alva Newell  31 May 1900Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I7742 clanSoren 
11 Vickers, Lacy Park  15 Oct 1886Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I6133 clanSoren 
12 Whiting, Oris Edward  18 May 1925Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I9055 clanSoren 
13 Wright, Ida  14 Jan 1879Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I6759 clanSoren 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bigler, Jacob G.  23 Feb 1907Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I2196 clanSoren 
2 Fenn, Eliza Ann  18 Jan 1895Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I7178 clanSoren 
3 Thompson, James Richard  19 Nov 1980Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I5652 clanSoren 
4 Whiting, Oris Edward  30 Aug 2003Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I9055 clanSoren 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baum, Leonard George  23 Apr 1930Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I1100 clanSoren 
2 Baum, Maxine  23 Apr 1930Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I6562 clanSoren 
3 Betts, Alzada Ann  9 Apr 1940Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I7916 clanSoren 
4 Betts, Erma  9 Apr 1940Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I7913 clanSoren 
5 Betts, Joseph Byron  9 Apr 1940Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I7895 clanSoren 
6 Betts, Joseph Lynn  9 Apr 1940Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I7914 clanSoren 
7 Golden, Alzada  9 Apr 1940Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I7912 clanSoren 
8 Johnson, Edna Lavern  23 Apr 1930Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I2220 clanSoren 
9 Park, Boyd Loris  17 Apr 1930Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I5752 clanSoren 
10 Park, Loris Edward  17 Apr 1930Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I5751 clanSoren 
11 Rolfe, Zelphia Mae  17 Apr 1930Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I2655 clanSoren 

Death Certificate

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Certificate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bigler, Jacob G.  4 Mar 1907Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I2196 clanSoren 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bates / Taylor  9 May 1941Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F2741 clanSoren 
2 Betts / Golden  11 Jul 1931Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F2763 clanSoren 
3 Carson / Strange  20 Dec 1894Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F288 clanSoren 
4 Foust / Street  14 Jul 1936Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F2333 clanSoren 
5 Horton / Wilson  2 May 1933Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F2075 clanSoren 
6 Nielsen / Robey  19 Aug 1940Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F142 clanSoren 
7 Quarnberg / Strange  9 Feb 1921Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F2039 clanSoren 
8 Roylance / Penrod  28 Jan 1925Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F2641 clanSoren 
9 Wood / Francom  7 Feb 1934Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F2754 clanSoren