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   Report Name   Description 
1. Cause of death List cause of death 
2. Death Certicate Numbers Certificate Number, State and County where issued. 
3. REPORT - Georgia Death Report, 1919-1998 Lists all individuals who died in the state of Georgia between 1919 and 1998 
4. Report - Utah Cemetery Report Lists all family members buried in Utah regardless of year of death 
5. Twins in Family Ancestry Lists all twins in family documented in family history 
6. Utah Death Report 1905-1960, Inclusive of all dates Lists individuals who died in the state of Utah 
7. UTAH Report - Recorded Utah Deaths Between 1905-1965 Lists all people who died in Utah between the years 1905 and 1965 (may or may not have a Death Certificate), name of cemetery and spouse name 
8. West Virginia Report Lists all family members either born in West Virginia or married in West Virginia